Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Two of Bike Tour

Yesterday Staysee and Seven came to Tillamook and picked me up. We drove to Sand Lake and camped out all 3 of us in one little tent. It was so cold though, I was glad. They drove me to Pacific City where we took a photo of us in front of the sea stacks then they headed out and I really was on my lonesome for the next couple of weeks. I rode around 75 miles to Cape Perpetua. The campsite that I stumbled upon didn't have a hiker biker site but the Camp Host said I could stay for free at a site that was under maintenance if I left before 7 am.

A mother-daughter riding team came by and ended up staying at the site with me. They were very inspiring. They weren't your typical cyclists, they were a little larger and riding was more difficult for them. Still, they had already been on the road 45 days from Vancouver when I met them and were riding the whole Pacific Coast to Mexico. The daughter was homeschooled and was able to take this awesome opportunity with her mom. They were a little strange, but it made me realize that if they could do this trip so could I.

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